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50 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Product Specifications

Operating Data Specifications 50 kW
Cut-In Speed 2 mph( (0.894 m/s)
Max Speed 150 mph (67m/s)
Number Of Blades 16
Configuration Vertical
System Width 3 feet
Rotor Height 5 feet
Suspension Magnetic Levitation using permanent magnets
Gear Box None needed- Direct Drive
Brake Systems Proprietary Fail-Safe Electromagnetic
Generator Permanent Magnet
FTC 3 Phase System
FTC Coil Assembly DC Generator with IGBT Controller
Construction 2024 Aluminum/ Stainless Steel
SS Thermoplastic
Lightning Protection Lightning receptors installed on blades
Electronic components protected with 60,000 amp surge protectors
Noise/Vibration Reduction VAWT are virtually noise and vibration free by design
Control System Programmable Logic controller with remote access circuitry
Condition Monitoring Measurement and remote monitoring system for early detection of defects
Turbines are designed for harsh environment. The wiring is Artic Weatherrated.
Bearings are designed to withstand any temperature and able to handle radial ice build-ups on the blades.
The blades are designed to absorb golf ball-size hail.
The surfaces are all powder coated for long life.
Warranty 10 Years