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Radiant Heating Panels

ViNi Heating panels supply healthy, radiant heat to efficiently warm indoor spaces with minimum energy expenditure. We offer affordable pricing with continual savings in a heating sysem that is simple to install, operate, and only requires minimal space. ViNi Heating also provides flexibility in design for tailor-made heating solutions at home or in the workplace with choices of different colors or mirrors...

Green Qualities

  • Very high energy conversion ratio (up to 99.9%)
  • Special far-infrared generating layer
  • Assembled using only environment friendly parts
  • Product has a lifespan of 25 years

Improved Living Conditions

  • Allergy Free: No Smell or Gass
  • No dust circulation
  • Does not consume oxygen
  • Silent operation
  • No disturbing lights

People Oriented Design

  • Easy installation, no need for an electrician
  • Decorative space-saving design
  • Maintenance Free
  • Safety circuit design, Safe for children and pets