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infrared heating

If you are looking for comfort, energy efficiency and an unobtrusive and stylish design then search no further. ViNi IR Heating panels are without a doubt the best solution

Choosing ViNi GES, means choosing experience, craftsmanship and an outstanding price-quality ratio.
ViNi GES employs skilled technicians and offers an installation service for all products offered on this site.
Sporting an impressive consumption rate which offers up to 70% decrease in energy consumption opposed to traditional heating systems.


Installation Service

A new construction or renovation job, A trendy outlet or industrial complex. Our IR heaters fit in anywhere


The heat emitted from IR radiation, is generated by the invisible and silent electromagnetic waves. Natural sunlight exemplifies this process, as it feels warm and cosy when it's picked up on human skin.

This is the most natural form of heating known to man.
The heating method is subsequently based on a technique that is as old as the sun.

This technology has been used technology has been used extensively throughout the past decades. Having successfully been utilised in such domains as the aviation, shipping and transportation by railway, to name a few. These products have never been marketed directly towards consumers, until now.

Durable, cost-and energy saving, reliable, compact, are some of the keywords which come to mind when discussing our IR heating products.

How IR heaters work

IR panels heat all mass in the space in which it resides.This might be a floor, wall or ceiling, or could be a table or sofa. These object will absorb the heat and slowly emit it back in to the surrounding space. Think of an object laying in the sun. The object heats up, and then when the surround temperature descends, it emits the heat back in to the air. The room is subsequently heated indirectly.


Once a heater has been activated, it can be controlled by a typical thermostat. This will maintain a felt air temperature of approx. 18-20°C, combing both heat produced by the heater directly and the indirect heat emitted from surrounding object, of which the latter will generally be a couple of degrees higher as the felt air temperature.

Company Information

ViNi GES operates directly with our products manufacturers. These are located in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, the United States of America and China. ViNi GES assures the use of durable materials. All products have passed rigorous quality tests and have been constructed obliging to strict specifications set by a team of local ViNi engineers. The heating panels are subsequently labelled to insure authenticity.

Our systems operate in a any environment and can be made to consumer specification. Heating systems can be easily be applied to walls, ceilings, floors or moist places such as bathrooms. The output power and product dimensions are subject to product type.