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wind energy

ViNi GES is sole holder of the European distribution rights to a revolutionary, next generation wind turbine power generation device. The vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), available exclusively through ViNi GES, separate themselves from the pack due to their size/power ratio. Generally, VAWT are not suited for larger scale applications. The demand of a common house-hold generally exceeds that which is provided by a reasonably sized VAWT already available on the market. However, VAWT do have a number of key benefits with regards to the it's better known cousin, horizontal axis wind turbines(HAWTs):

  • Ability to effectively capture turbulent winds which are typical in urban settings, especially in built-up areas.
  • No need for a yaw mechanism to face the blade rotor into veering wind directions; VAWTs therefore have higher efficiency and no orientation parts to maintain.
  • Operation at lower rotational speeds, thereby reducing or eliminating turbine vibration and noise.
  • Durability and reliability working in multi-directional wind.
  • Easier and less expensive repair and maintenance with generator on rooftops.

However you need more than just the turbine to generate and use electricity, Wind grid-connected power generation systems, as supplied by ViNi GES, are comprised of several components.

  • The Director(s): Catches the wind, and directs it straight in to the turbine for maximum production performance.
  • The Turbine: Converts wind into AC signals.
  • The Controller: Converts AC signals in to DC signals.
  • The Grid Inverter: Converts the DC signals back in to AC signals which are conform to the phase and frequency of the local electric grid, enabling it to effectively power appliances. This device will also allow you to store the surplus of electricity either for later use or to channel it through to the local electric company.
  • The flow is illustrated next: